Our Services

Business Transformation Strategies

At ThinkTrek we believe that our clients have the potential to successfully reach their highest goals they simply need the right support and resources to get there. That is why with our services and support, your business or organisation is guaranteed to see the results you expect and much more. We will provide you with strategy development that incorporates financial objectives, strategic options and investment decisions plus develop strategic business plans combined with transformational drive solutions that will ensure your trek to success.

Organisational Psychology Solutions

At ThinkTrek we are able to provide you with a truly holistic service by including organisational psychology principles, frameworks and methodologies into our support package. Research shows that our optimum performance levels are best obtained when our mind and heart are in-sync which is why we combine organisational psychology concepts across our range of services.  These services include: performance management, leadership coaching, competency modelling, organisational development, job analysis as well as training strategies.

Capability Improvement Workshops

At ThinkTrek we focus on understanding who you are and what you need to grow exponentially, which is why we tailor our workshops to suit your needs. We have the passion and expertise to engineer and facilitate workshops designed specifically to achieve your business goals and expectations. Our skill and capability in designing workshops that are engaging and interactive have made us national leaders in workshop design and facilitation. Our workshops include: Emotional Intelligence and Resilience, managing cross functional change, difficult workplace conversations and recruiting for success.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Here at ThinkTrek we pride ourselves on being recognised both nationally and internationally as a leader in the provision of supply chain optimisation services. We earned this reputation by developing highly innovative supply chain solutions that promote profit growth, establishment of new markets and service level enhancements. We at ThinkTrek are excited to be able to deliver services such as operational planning, warehouse/facility design, freight network design, logistics process review and much more to our valued customers. 

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