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  • Strategy Development and Vision - incorporating financial objectives, strategic options, investment decisions
  • Cross functional Strategy Alignment
  • Strategic Planning Defining Corporate Mission, Company Objectives and Goals, Company Values, Functional Goals and Objectives, Business Plans 
  • Strategic leadership and transformational drive solutions and approaches
  • Change synchronisation strategies 
  • Functional and Operational Planning
  • Strategic and operational business plan development

Project Case Study

Darling Downs Fresh Eggs (DDFE) Project Strategic Vision and Transformational Change Project

Darling Downs Fresh Eggs (DDFE) were a company that strived to be ecologically sustainable and as a well-known and respected company within the egg industry endeavoured to be leaders in this area.  However, DDFE needed to find out what options were available to them and what steps were required to implement new practices into their company.  Thats when they approached ThinkTrek Consulting to discuss their business goals and to work out viable options in order to implement strategies that would ensure their vision became a reality. 

ThinkTrek sat down with DDFE and really took the time to understand their business goals, financial capabilities, future industry trends and potential challenges in order to give them the best service and advice available. Through extensive research and enquiry ThinkTrek were able to determine that DDFE could best achieve their goal by installing Australias first anaerobic digester for poultry which uses poultry manure and waste to produce electricity. By adopting anaerobic digester technology DDFE would not only produce enough energy to operate their farm they would also be able to sell excess energy to neighbouring farms or back to the grid. Studies also show that this technology results in better manure management and reduces the risk of ground or water contamination as well as harmful pathogens like E.coli bacteria. So not only would DDFE be an environmentally sustainable company they would be reducing the risk of contamination and saving money. 

ThinkTrek was then able to initiate, negotiate and project manage the development and installation of the anaerobic digester for DDFE.  By extensively liaising with energy companies, government agencies, banks and the digester contractors ThinkTrek was able to finalise the designs and secure part funding for the project, ensuring a smooth and seamless process.  ThinkTrek not only successfully oversaw the installation of this new renewable energy technology in Australia but was able to develop futuristic strategies and provide ongoing support to DDFE in order for them to effectively accomplish their goals. This highly successful project proved that not only is ThinkTrek a consultancy firm that can help you create a vision but they are determined to see that vision through to the end. ThinkTrek are leaders in the field and provide innovative and ground breaking strategies and advice to ensure that you and your business treks to success!

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