Organisational Psychology Solutions

Strategy Development
(Measure and Improve)

  • Training and development solutions
  • People and performance strategies and management
  • Large and small scale reviews 
  • Change management approaches and strategies
  • HR strategy development
  • Selection/recruitment strategies
  • Performance management frameworks and planning
  • Remuneration reviews and benchmarking
  • Tender formulation; Bid/project management
  • Needs analysis, benchmarking and policy formulation

Talent Management
(Train and Develop)

  • Executive coaching 
  • Leadership coaching
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Engineer and facilitate workshops
  • Career counselling/transition
  • Development centres
  • Job analysis and job requirement planning
  • Succession planning
  • Cross functional synchronisation
  • Skills audit and skills development  framework
  • Training strategies
  • Conference solutions including development and facilitation 

Assessment Services
(Select and Retain)

  • Psychological assessment and profiling leadership potential; general traits and attitude; ability; aptitude; career
  • Assessment services and centres including development, facilitation, assessing and reporting
  • Competency modelling and job analysis
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Behavioural based recruitment activities
  • Culture and general surveys development and analysis
  • Retention and attraction strategies
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